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Rob n Roll

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FunTasTilt Heart Thumping Action Hide and Sneak Top Quality Artwork


Play as the hamster Rob, who will need to sprint, sneak, and use various strategies to get through 60 (and counting) challenging levels.

ROB n ROLL is a tilt-based game that is both amazing and addictive and will give both your reflexes and your mind a work out.

Rob Profile

Rob is the ultimate anti-cat burglar and the world's most famous hamster thief.

He did it for the fun of it and he did it flawlessly. What drives him is his constant craving for goody goody good beans.
To top it all off, he's a charmer, so ladies, beware!

Hanging Cat

Patrol Cat

Hamster in Box

Chasing Cat

Fleeing Hamster

Sneaking Hamster

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Rob n Roll

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